Saved By The Wand is the first ever fanfic on this wikia. The name of the fanfic is a pun on the song and popular tv series Saved By The Bell. It is based on the first four OCs that an administrator, named Emmarainbow432, made.

Holly Coomer was sitting cross-legged in the air writing in her journal, not noticing the eerie emptiness of the yard or the distant ringing of the class bell.

Ophelia Orb was serenely resting on the ground in one of her meditations. She focused on the distant sound of the bell. The bell. It was time for class. Just a few more minutes of mindless resting.

Garret King was lumbering through the halls. He knew that the rest of the school was in class. He just needed some alone time.

Tom Tooth was deep in the forest, finding bones for his near obsessive tooth collection.

Lady took out her wand. She stared at the classroom. People were missing. She stroked her beautiful wand. She could just stop time for a few minutes. Ring the bell just a little longer and louder. She did the following.

Holly heard. She flew in threw the window.

Garret heard. He simply ignored it.

Ophelia heard. She continued meditating.

Tom heard. He raced to the room.

Lady saw. She smiled her beautiful smile and stroked her beautiful wand.

They were saved by the wand.