Ophelia Orb is a ghost spirit who has a calming effect on all the students.

Owned by Emmarainbow432.

Fantasy CharacterEdit


Ophelia is calm and serene and has a supernatural effect on the students. She floats on the ground and though nearly silent, she is an almost overwhelming presence over the school.

Every once in a while, she gets into wild fits of rage that make the school cower in fear, students and teachers alike.


Ophelia is an orb spirit, known for their blue transparency and barely-there features. Ophelia is no exception, and has a shadow of hair.

Fantasy PastEdit

Ophelia grew up in a quiet household where she was an only child. Her parents were two orb spirits named Clara Orb and Tom Orb


Every DayEdit

She wears a scraggly white dress.


She wears a simple black dress

Night TimeEdit

She normally wears what she wears during the day,