Lady Silver BlueStar is the founder and creator of Lady's Academy for Fantasies. She is the kindest, sweetest, and most beautiful academy owner you would ever meet. Lady Silver BlueStar likes to be respected by people but she also likes students to treat her like she is a friend. She likes to be called Lady or Silver or Lady BlueStar or Miss. Silver.

Owned by CreativeMadness.

Fantasy CharacterEdit


Lady is kid,caring,sweet,and she loves her students,staff,and everyone! She has a heart of gold and she smells like a magical flower. Lady has respect to elders and anyone who is higher or better than her. She also has respect for her staff and her students. Lady likes respect from students but she also likes it when students think of her as a friend more than a principle or academy owner.


Lady has long silky cyan hair with silver/white streaks and purple flowers in her hair. She has blue soft caring eyes, pink lips, and light blue eyeshadow. Lady is 6" 7'

Fantasy PastEdit

Lady was born on December 14,1994. She was born to Erinna and Jadis BlueStar. Lady's parents were both female but she didn't mind. She was just happy to be born from a witch/enchantress and a wizard/fairy.


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