Kelley Queen is the pretty future Fairy Queen.

Owned by Emmarainbow432.

Fantasy CharacterEdit


Kelley Queen is kind, quiet, and pretty. She has a ditzy side to her, though can be shallow at times. She attracts people like moths to light.

She is irked by the advances of her future husband Garret King. This brings out the rejecting, shallow, and rather mean side of her.


Kelley has fair skin, shiny gold hair, and is tall. She is regarded beautiful by most people except the soul spirits, which is a group of three including Sarah Soul, Symphony Soul, and Samantha Soul.

Fantasy PastEdit

Kelley was the daughter of the royal fairies. She grew up in an ideal environment.


Every DayEdit

She wears a shimmering gold ball gown.


She wears the aforementioned gown that is now floor length.

Night TimeEdit

She normally wears a silk night gown in varying colors.