Holly Coomer is a pixie girl who attends the academy. She is quirky and bubbly with a flirty demeanor when regarding boy students

Owned by Emmarainbow432.

Fantasy CharacterEdit


Holly is bubbly and quirky. She often flirts with male students and keeps a journal that no one can see. She has wings, so she prefers to fly high with the birds and make cawing sounds. She breaks out in different languages due to her constant travel and zero to sixty mood swings. She tends to break into German when she's mad, French when she's happy, and whistling when she depressed.

Holly's magic journal has a fairy's magic guide, a diary, and a planner. She hates other people seeing her journal because she feels that it holds her darkest secrets, although she has close to none.


Holly has short, pink hair that is in a stylish bob. She has tan skin and her most noticeable feature are her eyes, which are deep black and large.

Fantasy PastEdit

Holly doesn't know much about her past, as she was hit in the head by a tree a few days after her first day. She regards Lady as her mother.


Every DayEdit

She wears vintage clothing, so it always varies.


She wears a pink dress that has a heart design on it.

Night TimeEdit

She normally wears what she wears during the day with mild alterations.(taking a belt out, ect.)