This is a fanfiction by CreativeMadness. The characters are:

Furia Hound, she is the main character.

Miss Sky Wind, the teacher in the story.

Delphine Hydra, Furia's enemy. 


Furia was walking to her track class. She saw the number one she hated, Delpine Hydra. Furia growled at the popular girl. 

"Look what the bone brought in" said Delphine.

"Hmph..Look how you look in those cyan earrings.." said Furia, she hated the color cyan.

"At least i have friends and i don't kill them before i hang out with them" said Delphine as she walked to her fire breathing class.

Furia was furious, it maybe true but she still felt hurt by it. She just tried to forget about it and she went to class.

At class...

Furia ran the fastest again. She went to her dorm and took a shower. Furia got ready when she saw that she got a text message. She read the messaage and it said "Hey, Furia, your so in trouble!". 

"How am i in trouble?" wondered Furia. She got changed then she went straight to bed.

During Morning..

Furia got dressed for her classs. She left her dorm then she saw Delphine. "My, my, the dog is now going to be put in the cage" said Delphine. She walked away as she giggled. 

Furia growled. "Growl all you want dog, your never going to beat me" said Dephine as she disappeared into the corridor.

What does Delphine mean?..wondered Furia in her mind. She woke up from her thoughts then she went to fighting class. 

During Fighting Class..

Furia was fighting with a realistic holigram. She did karate with it then she tried to kill it. 

"Well Done" said Miss Sky Wind.

"Thank you" said Furia as she went to the chests and changed into her 2nd regular clothes. She then went to the Mysticareia.

At the Mysticareia..

Furia saw Delphine and she growled at her. 

Delphine saw Furia then said "Mr. Dagger, Furia is growling at me!.." in a pretend terrified voice. 

"Furia, stop scaring the young and beautiful Delphine!" said Mr. Dagger

"Fine.." said Furia as she got a steak and put it on a tray. She went to an empty table then she ate it. That motherhydra..thought Furia to herself.