Garret King is the destined king of the fairies. He gets to hand out wings to future fairies, so takes great care to collecting them.

Owned by Emmarainbow432.

Fantasy CharacterEdit


Garret is a future king that, by personality, should never be king. He is silly and takes his king role to make other people do things against their will.

He has a love/hate relationship with the future fairy queen, Kelley Queen. This relationship has softened him do to the self doubt of being rejected by the beautiful future fairy queen.


Garret is short and chubby. He has shaggy dark hair that always covers his eyes. His eyes, when not covered with his hair, are close to slits.

Fantasy PastEdit

Garret has two common parents that are baffled by his sudden royalty that was determined by a wing shaped birthmark on his arm.


Every DayEdit

He wears a sweat filled button up and shaggy corduroys.


He wears a sweat filled button up with a tie and shaggy corduroys.

Night TimeEdit

He wears a flannel shirt and and pants.